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StaffCLICK was founded with a vision to provide honest and professional recruitment services as a top-tier staffing agency in the Greater Toronto Area. Through a deep appreciation of their clients’ unique environments and needs, they work as partners with their clients to bring them the right people for their career opportunities. That’s the “click” in StaffCLICK; an exceptional fit between quality employees and high-caliber employers.

They combine over 50 years of experience in the staffing and recruitment agency industry with a dedication to professionalism. They have the knowledge, skills, discipline and energy to make personnel placements that “click.”

At StaffCLICK, they believe all people should be treated with respect, dignity and an attitude of service. They are diligent in pursuing the aspirations of both their clients and their applicants. Their relationships with their clients are paramount. The StaffCLICK experience is a recruitment agency that stands for integrity and trust.

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