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What Do Millennials Want?

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…and it’s not all about hipster hats and macrobreweries.

A common request that we get at Haley Marketing when we are writing copy or choosing imagery for a staffing website is, “I want my site to appeal to millennials”.

I could end this blog post right now by telling you that if your recruiting website is easy-to-navigate, isn’t heavy on copy, is mobile-friendly and provides easy ways for visitors to apply for a job, request an employee or contact you, it will appeal to millennials.

It will also appeal to everyone else.

So what do I think of when I hear that my clients want their site to appeal to millennials?

One feature of a website came to mind after reading articles about the so-called “retail apocalypse”. Malls and major chain stores are closing around the country and many articles point their fingers directly at millennials for their lack of respect for tried-and-true brick-and-mortar stores and their newfangled online buying habits.

Several articles have pointed out that the changes in American retail are not to be blamed on the latest generation to have elderly eyes rolled at them in disbelief that they will one day be in charge. (I remember Baby Boomers doing that to me, a Gen-Xer). My 78-year-old mother spends plenty on Amazon.

Several articles did highlight a trend, that while not responsible for the death of malls, that did suggest that millennials are proving to be less materialistic, favoring having the right things rather than more things and that they spend more on life experiences than other generations.

So, if you want to appeal to millennials on your website, add well-written, comprehensive case studies that tell stories, that share experiences of those in situations like theirs. Describe how you helped someone relocate, tell how you made it easy for someone to change careers, show how you found the perfect job for someone with personal or financial difficulties. Millennials want to know that the next job they have will give them a good experience, that they will learn something, that they will meet and work with interesting people – that their next job will be a good life change.

Spoiler alert: while this may be one way to attract millennials, it will also help you attract prospects from other generations too.

Contact us about adding the case studies plug-in to your website. We can also give you great examples of clients who have shared some incredible stories on their sites – and turned those stories into leads. You’ll be glad you did – and so will your prospects – millennials or not.

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