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Haley Marketing Job Board Solution Drives Recruiting Efficiency and More Job Applications With FlashRecruit Live Chat

Using Snapchat for Recruiting
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Haley Marketing, the largest website development, social and content marketing firm serving the temporary staffing and executive recruiting industries, has partnered with FlashRecruit to offer live chat to Job Board Software clients.

Despite spending billions of dollars each year to attract candidates to apply to online job postings, staffing and recruiting firms struggle with job application abandonment rates as high as 90 percent. FlashRecruit’s live chat technology provides a solution to this problem and many other modern-day recruiting challenges:

  • Increased candidate engagement. With the FlashRecruit integration, qualified and available candidates are three times more likely to engage with a recruiter.
  • Better candidate experience. Connecting live eliminates barriers between candidates and recruiters, providing faster, more meaningful responses at the exact time a job seeker has a question about a job.
  • More targeted job board traffic. FlashRecruit’s proprietary job promotion drives more qualified candidates directly to a client’s board – ultimately increasing resume submissions and placements.
  • More applications. One client saw nearly a 50 percent increase (49.46 percent) in completed applications within the first few months of installing FlashRecruit.
  • Greater recruiting efficiency. Intelligent Screening features save recruiters an average of 15 minutes of screening time per resume submission.
  • Measurable ROI. Clients report directly attributable increases in gross profit up to 29 times the cost of adding FlashRecruit.

Haley Marketing job board clients can try FlashRecruit free for 14 days (offer ends September 30, 2018).

A Powerful Tool to Improve Candidate Engagement and Increase Job Applications

According to Haley Marketing CEO, David Searns, “Partnering with FlashRecruit was a natural for us. We’re constantly looking for ways to improve talent engagement and deliver a better experience for job seekers. While most of the world seems to want to automate, connecting people has always been the secret of success in staffing, and FlashRecruit provides an innovative way to improve communication, build candidate relationships, and dramatically reduce job application abandonment.”

When interviewed, FlashRecruit CEO Michael Redden stated, “We’re very happy to partner with Haley Marketing and take your career site to the next level of recruitment by enabling live messaging on your jobs. Our unique partnership allows for the right candidate to get connected to the right recruiter in real time. Not only does this new partnership enhance your candidate experience to drive quality hires through your career site; it also drives a completely new channel of candidates to your team as well.”

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