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The Inconvenient Truth About Your Customer Experience

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How many times have you reached out to a company when you experienced a problem with their product or service, only to be forced to jump through hoop after hoop to get what you needed?

You’ve probably ended up struggling to communicate your thoughts to those who needed to hear them, going back and forth between team members or at the very least wasting precious time – all of which only adds to your frustration as a customer.

Recently our COO introduced me to Shep Hyken and his customer service blog, where he talks about practices that cause friction between a company and their customers which eventually drive people away from that business. Hyken defines the cause of friction as anything that doesn’t save the customer time or that wastes their time.

If you could find practical ways to make your customers’ lives easier so that they keep doing business with you, wouldn’t you?

So, this begs the question – what you could your staffing firm be doing to lessen any inconveniences your customers face when they interact with you?

Better yet, think about how you could turn each inconvenience into a shareworthy service moment.

Turn your customer experience weaknesses into your strengths.

Here’s just a few things that might be turning your current customers away:

  • A website that is difficult to navigate.
  • A policy or process that creates more work for them to get what they want.
  • Waiting long periods of time for a response to an email or phone call.
  • Receiving incomplete or incorrect information.
  • An interaction that makes them feel like their problems aren’t important to you.

When you can identify the areas of your business that create friction and inconvenience for your customers, and find solutions to successfully resolve these problems, not only will you be investing in improving your staffing company’s CX, you’ll be making your customers much happier.

This will give them more reason to trust you, make them happier with their experience and ultimately keep them doing business with you in the long run!

Need help getting started with tackling your customer service inconveniences?

Contact our team to learn what Haley Marketing can do for you.

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