Contingent Resource Solutions Gets a New Website

Contingent Resource Solutions Website
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Contingent Resource Solutions Website


Contingent Resource Solutions began in 2012 when founder Debbie Gentry recognized the need for a source of higher-quality staff for companies throughout the Southeast.

Partnering with the operations manager of a staffing firm located in Greenville to form CRS, Debbie was determined to build a powerhouse staffing company that would employ workers with varying skill sets and service locations throughout the Southeast.

Combining experience in staffing, quality, HR, and finance, the CRS team helps job seekers and employers reach their goals. CRS is committed to providing exceptional service to our clients and employees throughout the region from our staffing agency in South Carolina.

Working with Haley Marketing on a new website, the CRS site has a clean look, incorporating the CRS branding – making job seekers feel like everyone is welcome and CRS can help them find a job.

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