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Found You! 3 Ways to Engage Healthcare Candidates on Social Media

Healthcare candidates
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As a healthcare staffing recruiter, you understand the necessity of engaging candidates on social media – but you also understand that accomplishing meaningful engagement is easier said than done. However, 42% of healthcare professionals use social media for job searching, with LinkedIn and Facebook being the two most popular platforms – so if you aren’t making the effort, you are missing out on making connections.

With the right approach, social media can deliver serious ROI for healthcare recruiters. Here are three effective ways to engage healthcare candidates on social media.

Showcase Culture on Social Media

Throughout their lives, your employees will spend more time at work than they spend with their families. Healthcare professionals understand this and want to work at facilities where they feel happy, appreciated and engaged. You probably talk to your clients a lot about their culture, but your staffing firm has a culture, too. And it’s why some of your best healthcare workers keep coming back for assignments.

To attract attention and engage healthcare candidates on social media, focus on creating authentic but brief videos that highlight your company culture. Recruit your happiest employees to help you create that content. You can conduct short interviews asking employees why they chose your staffing company and why they enjoy working for you, highlight community service work employees might engage in, show staff engaged in fun activities, etc.

When you showcase your culture, it’s easier for potential candidates to picture themselves working for you.

Talk About The Best Parts of The Job

Every healthcare worker knows that their field is demanding but rewarding. You can engage and attract potential candidates on social media by showcasing the best parts of the job. It could be hugs from a long-term patient finally going home. New parents and their babies leaving the hospital. Patients thanking staff members at a treatment center after getting an all-clear…anything that helps candidates remember why they got into the field in the first place and anything that helps them draw the connection that they can have more of those moments if they work with your staffing company.

Interview some of your best people, asking them to describe some of their best days on the job working assignments you sent them on.

Inject A Little Personality Into Your Posts

Healthcare is a heavily regulated industry, to be sure, but that doesn’t mean your social media has to sound like it was penned by a robot. Work on making your posts sound as natural and personable as possible. Try to create a warm and welcoming tone that encourages people to click through and engage.

The same holds true of job postings. Due to legal constraints, nearly all healthcare jobs sound the same on paper. However, try to give yours a bit of personality right off the bat. You can still include all of the legal requirements, but in your opening statement, you can be a bit more bold to keep the attention of someone who clicked through to learn more. Soon, you’ll catch attention by being recognized as a staffing firm with an actual personality.

Remember, when it comes to engaging healthcare candidates on social media, authenticity is the key to success.

The Tip of the Iceberg

Using these tips will help you engage healthcare candidates on social media, but an effective strategy requires significant time and effort, the right mix of strategies and tactics and the ability to get in front of candidates at just the right time.

Haley Marketing can help with that.

If you want to attract, engage and recruit strong healthcare candidates to your staffing firm, talk to our team today about building an amazing, competition-crushing online presence.

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