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Have a Tough-to-Fill Job Order? 4 Ways to Attract the Perfect Candidates

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In a competitive job market, it can be hard to find the right talent to fill your job orders. You must balance recruiting and filling jobs quickly, while ensuring you’ve completely vetted a pool of diversified candidates and have chosen the best talent.

Paired with your traditional recruiting methods, here are a few ways you can attract talent to your jobs.

Encourage Employee Referrals

Employee referrals consistently top studies as the best-kept secret in recruiting. Not only does an effective employee referral program allow you low-cost access to active job seekers, but it can also provide a financial benefit to your talent who is referring a friend. Simply through this exchange, you are able to further connect with their talent and build a trustworthy relationship that will benefit them long-term.

Content Marketing

By creating an overall content marketing strategy, your company can position itself as the go-to thought leader in your respective industry, and also help expand the visibility of your open job orders. Content marketing can be used in the form of blogs, social media, informational videos, email marketing, and the list goes on.

Now more than ever, clients and candidates are looking for answers. Through a customized content marketing strategy, your staffing firm and insights could be top-of-mind.

Build Your Brand Identity

While you want to ensure your core messaging, imagery, key differentiator, etc. are consistent through all your active marketing channels, you also want to show your candidates who your company is on a personal level.

It’s known that decision-making is heavily influenced by emotion, not logic. Actively demonstrate to your candidates exactly whom they will be working with.

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Showcase standout employees.
  • Share pictures of your company out in the community.
  • Post testimonials from positive work experiences.

Review Your Candidate Experience

You may be finding that your jobs get a lot of views, but the conversions to applications just aren’t hitting the right mark. Take this time to review your candidate application experience and find where the fall-off may be occurring.

Ask yourself:

  • Would I want to complete this process?
  • Is the application too long?
  • Do I want to give away my Social Security Number?
  • Can I apply on my mobile device?

If you’re looking for more ways to attract candidates to your job orders, contact us today to discuss your strategy.

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