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This Week in Staffing Works: The Online Community for Staffing and Recruiting Professionals

Staffing Works Slack Community by Haley Marketing
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Have You Joined Staffing Works?

We created a new online community to help professionals in the staffing industry come together and deal with the challenges we are all facing.

If you are already a Slack user, the Workspace is staffing-works.

If you are new to Slack, you can join the group here.

The group, which is now more than 300 strong, is a place for staffing professionals to discuss sales, marketing, recruiting, technology and other issues that are impacting your company. It is completely free to participate, and just one more thing we’re doing to help staffing professionals thrive in this economy.

Staffing Works Channels

We’ve organized discussions into distinct categories to make it easier to share and find essential information and ideas:

  1. Staffing Works covid19-discussion: Issues and general discussion relating to how staffing companies are dealing with COVID-19.
  2. Staffing Works covid19-news: News and updates about COVID-19 as it relates to the staffing industry or employment in general.
  3. Staffing Works general: Company- or workspace-wide communication and announcements.
  4. Staffing Works marketing-ideas: Q&A related to marketing issues and best practices.
  5. Staffing Works needs-and-leads: Looking for a partner, vendor or any other help? Ask here.
  6. Staffing Works random: A place for non-work-related discussions.
  7. Staffing Works sales-ideas: Q&A related to sales or remote sales issues.
  8. Staffing Works tech-talk: A channel for discussing technology issues to help run your staffing company.

Please join. Check out the channels. Read a few posts. Ask a question. Share an idea or concern. The more we use this community, the more valuable it will become for all of us as a tool to thrive in these challenging times.

Trending Topics in Staffing Works, week of April 6, 2020:

  • In the covid19-discussion channel, one community member shared an article explaining how internet usage has changed during social distancing. Our CEO, David Searns, also shared a Wharton article with inspirational news for the staffing industry.
  • In the sales-ideas channel, members discussed ideas to: sell in a pandemic; identify growth sectors to target during a recession; and services staffing firms can use for competitive differentiation in this market.
  • In the tech-talk channel, members shared ideas for: improving communication with temporary workers; using online tools to assess the well-being of your employees; staying connected on social media; and tips for using Zoom more securely and efficiently.

These are just a few highlights you may have missed; join/log in to get the full story on these topics and others.

We’ll get through this together.

At Haley Marketing, we’ve weathered multiple recessions – and we’ve helped our clients come out the other side stronger, more resilient and even more profitable. If there is anything else our team at Haley Marketing can do for you, we are happy to help. Don’t be shy, call us at 1.888.696.2900 or drop us an email at [email protected]. (Our team would love to have more people to brainstorm ideas with right now!)

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