Management Recruiters of Tallahassee

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Founded in 1987, Management Recruiters of Tallahassee (MRT), is an executive search firm that works with Fortune 500 manufacturing companies and midsize organizations to identify, recruit, and secure top-level talent in the plastics and metals manufacturing industries. They only had a small splash page site as part of the MRI Network. They came to us for their own unique site that properly represented their team as executive search leaders, filling roles in manufacturing/engineering, administrative/human resources, accounting/finance/IT, operations, executive leadership, and sales/marketing. The Haley Marketing team built a modern, responsive site with a specialty page for each of their focus areas. The site also includes helpful candidate-focused messaging and content, including an ADA-compliant job board, candidate toolkit, and background on MRT’s commitment to the ‘Impact Players’ they recruit.

Check out their new site here:

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