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How A Simple Message During A Crisis Generated an Impressive Response Rate Among Candidates

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Does Just Being There Make A Difference?

For one staffing company, it did. The pandemic and resulting economic crisis left tens of millions suddenly out of work. This staffing company wanted to let candidates know they were open, available to help and thankful to frontline workers.

This is how that simple message generated an impressive response.

Client Background

Making people happy for more than 20 years. That’s what Happy Faces Personnel Group is all about.

Happy Faces Personnel Group is a full-service staffing agency based in Atlanta, Georgia that commonly fills orders for:

  • Housekeepers
  • Janitors
  • Administrative and clerical roles
  • Call center representatives
  • Warehouse associates

The Challenge

The Atlanta market is highly competitive and reaching both active and passive candidates can be a challenge. In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, reaching candidates only became more difficult.

Happy Faces wanted to try something different to stand out to potential candidates and motivate them to respond to job postings.

The Solution

For 20 years, Happy Faces has been there for clients and candidates, in good times and in challenging times. Arguably, the COVID-19 pandemic is the most challenging time most working Americans remember. By showing Atlanta job seekers that Happy Faces is still open, still finding people jobs and that they appreciate essential workers, they could connect with previous and new candidates and build their employer brand.

Each month, with the help of Haley Marketing, Happy Faces sends out a blogging newsletter featuring 2 great blog articles to drive readership on their blog.  Haley Marketing pivoted Happy Faces’ April 2020 newsletter to:

  1. Inform candidates Happy Faces is still open and here for candidates
  2. Drive direct response to the job board
  3. Offer a small token of appreciation for nurses

Haley Marketing’s Creative Team made use of the existing email newsletter template while implementing changes and modifications that aligned with the overall goal. A creatively designed, heartfelt email was developed, incorporating a strong subject line to capture attention, inform the reader and drive direct response.

  • A graphic was created to showcase, “We’re Still Here for You”
  • A graphic was created to thank nurses
  • Copy was modified to drive direct response
  • The subject line spoke to emotion, “We’re Here for You and Currently Hiring”


The Results

The response to the email was successful. By creating genuine content with a heartfelt message, Happy Faces Personnel Group:

  • Saw its highest email open rate since May 2018
  • Generated a response rate of 22%
  • Had 36 unique clicks on the call to action banner to Apply Online Today, driving direct response

The message was simple, “We are here for you,” and that message resonated with candidates facing uncertain times. By simply being there, offering services and showing support, Happy Faces boosted its employer brand and drove applications.

In Our Client’s Words

“Haley Marketing is one of those companies that you just feel like you are getting a Rolls Royce when you went in looking for a Honda.

“Their service is outstanding from sales to implementation to support. I have worked with them for going on a decade and as we grow, we continue to seek ways to have Haley help us leverage their knowledge of the industry (staffing) to reach more individuals.

“Support is very quick to respond to any issue we have, the sales team is always very thorough. Where it counts is in implementation. Great communication, great service-oriented mindsets and most of all, they are just friendly. This is a premium service, do not be mistaken, this is not a fly by night marketing firm, this is the real deal, but you get what you pay for. I am VERY pleased with the service we have with Haley… So much so, that I have other businesses that are not staffing that I have and will push through their services.

“I will add, they put out a lot of information to help guide their clients. This is at no cost. Granted, to implement, there is a cost, but let us face it, if we wanted to do this on our own, you would not be reading this. Haley allows my company to focus on growing our business, while I count on them to help us deliver the message we want our employees, candidates and customers to know.” -Michael Hairston, Director of Operations, Happy Faces Personnel Group.

Could Email Marketing and Employer Branding Help Your Staffing Company?

The marketing specialists and advisors at Haley Marketing can help you boost candidate engagement and drive response even in uncertain times. Contact us today to talk about your challenges.

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