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Steady (And Consistent) Wins the Race – And A 2508.3% Increase In Traffic From Social Media

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When You Want To Stand Out In A Crowded Market, Consistency Is Key

Client Background

Vector Technical is a full-service staffing firm and technical recruitment agency in Cleveland that helps employers boost retention and reduce hiring costs by providing the right person for each role, the first time.

As retention specialists, Vector Technical recruiters have developed proprietary methods such as the Par Excellence benchmarking and assessment process and have invested in industry-leading technology to ensure candidates are an exceptional fit with both the requirements of the job and each client’s unique work environments.

Cleveland is an incredibly competitive and saturated market. Over the last 15+ years, Vector Technical has partnered with Haley Marketing Group to gain a competitive advantage. Their goals have always been to:

  • Make and keep Vector Technical highly visible
  • Improve employer branding
  • Drive website traffic and brand awareness
  • Drive more applications and job orders

How Can You Stay Top-Of-Mind In a Crowded Market?

Standing out in a crowded market is challenging for any staffing or recruiting firm. Getting results requires proactive and consistent action. The digital marketing team at Haley recommended ongoing blogging in tandem with Social Pro, a full-service social media strategy and execution program designed to improve social engagement, generate more traffic, and increase inbound leads.

This combination led to a consistent schedule of creating relevant, informative content for Vector Technical’s target audience. Social Pro helped to amplify that content and ensure it was pushed out to as many people as possible, while also building a consistent brand.

The Results

So, did it work?

…Yes. And then some.

Consistent blogging and social media engagement produced steady and dramatic results:

Blog Reads
2014 – 668
2015 – 1,336
2016 – 3,378
2017 – 3,917
2018 – 4,723
2019 – 5,521

Total increase of 726.5%

Organic Search Traffic
2015 – 11,100 pageviews
2016 – 13,408 pageviews
2017 – 15,574 pageviews
2018 – 16,176 pageviews
2019 – 29,497 pageviews

Total increase of 165.74%

Traffic from LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter
2014 – 458 Pageviews
2015 – 1,337 Pageviews
2016 – 2,846 Pageviews
2017 – 6,939 Pageviews
2018 – 4,455 pageviews
2019 – 11,946 pageviews

Total increase of 2508.3%

In Our Clients’ Words

“Since we started with Social Pro, we have seen a significant increase in unique visitor traffic to our website. Our recruiters are getting candidate applications on a daily basis resulting from Social Pro. The increased web traffic has also generated new business and has doubled the likes on our FB page. For the cost, Social Pro is a game-changer.” – Tim Bleich, President, Vector Technical Inc.

What Could You Do With An Exponential Boost in Website Traffic?

How many pageviews are you currently driving from your blog and social media? What could your staffing firm do with a 165% boost in organic traffic? If you’re ready to start driving potential clients and applicants to your staffing company’s website, talk to Haley Marketing today.


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