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Social Sharing Is a Team Sport! Here’s How to Get Everyone in the Game

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Why should social sharing be a “team sport”?

Your staffing or recruiting agency probably already has a few team members who share your blog posts (or other relevant content) on Facebook, LinkedIn or other platforms. Do you really need to get everyone in your company sharing on social media?

In a word, yes. Here’s why:

Social platforms don’t show every post in every follower’s feed.

You may think you’re “blanketing” your audience with content. But in reality, social sites like Facebook only display your posts in a small fraction of your audience’s feeds.

People use social media differently.

Sure, lots of us are on social sites several times a day. But, many members of your audience may check their feeds less frequently and miss your content. When everyone consistently shares content, however, you improve your reach and exposure.

Effective social media marketing is all about sharing content.

When you share great content when and where your audiences hang out, you ultimately drive more traffic from social media to your site. To do it consistently, and do it well, enlist the help of your entire team:

  • Use internal team members to create content and drive engagement. You have experts throughout your company on everything from recruiting, interviewing and improving productivity to writing a great resume and negotiating salary. Tap your team’s expertise to write posts, articles, infographics or other types of content. Don’t try to do it all yourself. In addition:
    • Ask everyone to commit to building their social networks. More people sharing more content to bigger networks = more website visits and conversions, as well as a stronger brand.
    • Upon posting content to your company pages, ask your employees to like, share, retweet and/or comment. Search engines and social media platforms favor content with high engagement – helping to improve both your ranking and visibility.
  • Share the right things to drive people back to your website. The real focus of social media activity is to get people from those platforms back to your website. If everybody on your team only shares articles from other websites, you are only doing a great job helping those other sites (and not driving traffic to your own).

Automate your social sharing with NetSocial.

When you do it manually, social sharing requires a bit of training – and time. But thankfully, we’ve developed NetSocial: our new low-cost, high-impact software solution to make your social sharing easy – and much more effective:

  • Get more bang from your blogs.
  • Improve the ROI from your sales and recruiting efforts.
  • Put your social sharing on autopilot to maximize your impact, reach and results.

NetSocial automates social sharing to get your jobs, blog posts and videos in front of more job seekers and staffing decision-makers with NO extra work or special training required! Find out how by registering for our free, no-obligation NetSocial Product Demo on Tuesday, June 23rd at 2:00 p.m. ET. We’ll show you the software in action – and explain how you can use it to get everyone off the bench, and into the game!

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