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Halpin has been an active part of the Southeastern Wisconsin business community since 1994. For more than two decades, they have focused on providing local businesses with flexible customized staffing solutions including recruiting, workforce management and payroll. Halpin offers local career opportunities for candidates in a variety of industries. As a proud member of their community, they look for opportunities to serve their area through scholarships, sponsorships and volunteerism. They match top talent with great jobs in Southeastern, WI and Northeastern, IL.

Halpin Staffing Services contacted Haley Marketing Group to recreate their website for a fresh look, be user friendly, include call-to-action items, engage candidates and get them to apply, and be optimized for mobile. The meet those goals, HMG used a website concept that focuses on helping users quickly and efficiently find the information they’re looking for. Also in this concept, the content and users take precedence. The design features long pages, plenty of space for calls-to-action and minimal imagery – all while being mobile optimized. A fly-in was incorporated into the top of the home page that urges candidates to send in their resumes.

Visit their new site at www.halpinservices.com

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