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Mamu Media LLC’s SMART Content Summer Deals Help Staffing Firms Sell More in Today’s Economy

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GLENMOORE, PA — Mamu Media LLC, the leading branded content marketing firm serving the temporary staffing and executive recruiting industries, announced a new promotion that provides everything staffing and recruiting firms need to increase brand visibility, engage staffing buyers and sell more this summer and beyond. Leveraging the combined power of branded print, digital, email, video, social and webinar content, and up to $5,675 in free extras, the Smart Content Summer Deals deliver turnkey multimedia content marketing solutions to drive more qualified sales leads.

The realities of today’s economy and business environment have forced staffing account managers to sell differently. Research shows that combining the power of print and digital marketing tools presents unprecedented opportunities for firms to stand out, educate buyers via their preferred medium, and ultimately sell more:

Smart Content Summer Deals leverage the best of print and digital marketing to:

  • open doors for sales opportunities
  • engage staffing buyers by focusing on employer hot-button issues
  • position staffing firms as thought leaders and trusted partners
  • ultimately sell more. 

The Smart Content Summer Deals include:

  • Insights Magazine. Bimonthly magazine branded to the staffing firm. Each issue offers fresh perspectives on top HR and talent issues.
  • Monthly Email Marketing. Monthly Insights newsletter, seasonal eCards, and staffing promotions are all included.
  • Insights Webinars. SHRM and HRCI accredited training for the staffing firm’s clients and prospects. Each webinar includes exclusive event marketing and data tracking. (Only included with Gold and Digital Only packages.)
  • Branded Social Content. Allows the staffing firm to maximize the reach of print and digital content with branded social sharing images.
  • Insights Resource Center. Dozens of educational articles on HR and talent management. New content added to customers’ websites every month.
  • Branded Videos. Two branded videos each month to promote the staffing firm’s content. (Only included with Gold and Silver packages.)
  • Up to $5,675 in free extras. For a limited time, customers can get a free Video Now account (to create video email, testimonial, case study and brand videos), free IP tracking (to see daily website visitors), plus unlimited email delivery with zero email fees.

Consistent Multimedia Marketing – for a Fraction of the Cost

“Several months ago, we set out to revamp how we distribute our content with one goal in mind…to help our clients drive more leads by leveraging a consistent multimedia approach,” said Mamu Media CEO, Mike McKerns. “Staffing buyers consume content in different ways. Some prefer to read, while others learn best by listening or watching. The Smart Content Summer Deals give staffing and recruiting firms everything they need to increase brand visibility, build relationships and close more sales this summer, for a fraction of the cost of doing it themselves.”

About Mamu Media

A division of Haley Marketing Group, Mamu Media is the leading marketing firm specializing in branded content for the staffing industry. Their mission is to develop “Smart Content” that enables staffing companies to become more connected with employers and job seekers. The firm’s clients range from solo recruiters to larger staffing and recruiting organizations with regional, national and international offices.

Mamu Media’s services include:

Branded and Custom Magazines

Sponsored Webinars

Social Media Management

Video Content

Digital Marketing Strategy


Blogging Services

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