Tips For Writing WIIFM Copy

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When writing copy for a website, brochure, sell sheet, blog post, etc. here are some tips:

  • WIIFM? Most people’s initial thought is to write about themselves/their company…they should write thinking about their audience first. What does the audience want? As they read your material, they are reading to find out what will benefit them (i.e. What’s In It For Me?”), so let them know!
  • Who’s your audience? Is the content meant for candidates? Clients? Both audiences? The audience will help you determine what they want.
  • What does your audience want? If the audience is candidates, then they want jobs; if the audience is clients, then they want candidates.
  • How can you solve your audience’s pain point? Now that you know who your audience is, and what they want, how can you solve their pain point? For candidates, you can tell them about your large list of job openings, or how you will make their job search easy. For clients, you can tell them about the high quality of your candidates, or how you can save them time by already having vetted candidates so clients won’t have to do the research.
  • CTA: Finally, tell the audience the next step they should take – this is the call to action. Give them a link to your job board, a link to your talent showcase, a phone number to call for more information, an email address to set an appointment, or a combination of methods to contact you!

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