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How to Add a Personal Touch in a Touchy Year

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Stop me if you’ve heard this phrase before;

“In these unprecedented times… we’re here for you.”

It’s not that the sentiment is unwelcome, or even that it is incorrect. It just feels… robotic.


The struggle is real, up and down the chain of command. From C-Suite folks envisioning new ideas to ride out the storm to the part-time workers trying to make ends meet and homeschool the kids, everyone is spread a little thin. So on that five minute coffee break, does anyone really want to read another form letter telling them why THIS company is THE BEST?

No. But it is nice to know someone cares. And will genuinely help you.

But how do you break the mold?

Sincerity and Empathy

It is crucial to put yourself in your client’s shoes. Some areas of the staffing industry may be very well equipped to shift into a remote workspace. Other areas are hit with daily puzzles that must frantically be assembled, lest new pieces such as safety, legal concerns, and costs fracture years of building.

Your message is best received when tailored to its recipient. Watch your clients. Is a certain client’s office in an area experiencing upheaval, be it natural or otherwise? Reach out. Be a good neighbor. Knowing that you are paying attention to them is not only  a comforting gesture, it fosters loyalty and forges a stronger partnership.

Actions Speak Louder than Words…

Send a card. Call your contact for a check-in. Better yet- say hello face to face. A myriad of technology and beauty stands at your fingertips! Just call on your friendly neighborhood designer. With their help you can go that extra mile.

  • Create Videos
    • Film yourself! Putting a living, breathing, laughing face to a name leaves a bigger impression than any headshot- no matter how good that angle makes your hair look.

    • Even a video using stock imagery has more life to it than a static image. Need to explain a concept? Designers can help you organize your data and thoughts into colorful presentations that illustrate your thoughts as you go. The result is

  • Meet the Team
    • Even if you don’t want to broadcast your living image to the world via video, a biography and accompanying picture or portrait is a great way to give your clients a virtual handshake. Include what makes you tick. You’re a human being- you are relatable- and you never know what conversation may be sparked from your avowed passion for kooky socks!

  • Customize a Website
    • Even the simplest template can be warmed up by your brand’s colors and copy style. You have a voice, you have a mission. Your website is your emissary for that communication.

  • Letters of Note
    • Form letters are useful. They are also often stiff, impersonal, and obvious. Do you have a monthly newsletter you like to send out? Consider having your CEO write a short note. Or perhaps, not the CEO- anyone with a penchant for writing can just say hi and share a slice of life- reminding us that we are all in this together.

… and Pictures are Worth A Thousand

Whatever you choose to do, a good design can say more at first glance than a paragraph. We have all seen the same five stock models in the same five occupational outfits sporting forced yet beautiful smiles extending hands to be shook. The ads are clean, though not attention grabbing. Do you remember that company that made that ad? Did you feel like that group would “get” you?

Probably not. Look into trying out a humorous take. Something more abstract, perhaps. Hand drawn. Bright. Bold. Creative. A design is the personality clothing your message’s body.


Different. It can be a good thing. And it lets your clients know that there is a person on the other end of the line.

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