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Why You Need to Write for Your Reader, Not for Google

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In order for something to rank on Google, Google’s algorithm needs to deem your blog post or page better than the other results. As anyone who has ever tried getting anything ranked on Google knows, their algorithm is constantly changing and is updated at least 500 times a year. Yes, Google’s algorithm changes at least once a day. Now, most of these updates are so minor they aren’t detected, but every few months, Google releases its major “core” updates. Although we never know for sure what these changes are, the one thing that we know about these core updates is that Google is constantly becoming more focused on the user.

How to Write for Your Reader

With that in mind, the best thing you can do while writing your blog, is to always think of the reader and their experience.

Focus on One Topic

Blogs are meant to answer questions, not to be an extension of your service page. With searcher intent in mind, keep your topics to solving one specific issue, and one issue alone.

Break Up your Content

A wall of text is not appealing to anyone. A reader should be able to find what they are looking for even if they choose not to read the entire article. Your blog should be broken up with structured headings that start with important, broad topics and become more specific as they become smaller.

Cut the Fluff

It’s a common misconception that we need to pack in as much content into a single blog post as we can in order to rank on Google. Although we know that blogs should be at least 300 words, having a longer blog post will do you no good if the content isn’t quality. Google wants robust, authoritative content that can provide the reader with the exact information they need in the fastest way possible.

Strong CTAs

Give your reader a clear and concise answer, but also provide them a place to contact you if they need more information. Always include links to relevant pages in your copy and information to contact you at the end.

Need Help with Your Blogging?

If your staffing company needs help increasing traffic to your site and posing your company as a reliable source of information, contact Haley Marketing today!

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