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What Kind of Imagery Is Right for Your Staffing Firm?

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Why choosing the right imagery is important for your staffing firm?

Your website is the first impression of your staffing company. The first few seconds a prospect lands on your website could be the deciding factor between choosing your staffing firm over a competitors.

The images help to create a strong first impression and connection with your company. It allows your audience to develop a lasting, positive association with your staffing firm’s brand.

How do you select the best imagery?

  1. Know your audience.
    Ask yourself who’s your target audience. Do you usually work with blue collar workers? Then images of white collar professionals might not be the best choice. Are your clients in Southwest USA? Don’t use a photo of New York City. Is your audience millennials or baby boomers? Knowing your audience will help you select images they will best relate to.
  2. Is the image cohesive with your brand?
    Every image associated with your staffing firm’s brand should have a consistent look and feel. This helps to create a strong and memorable brand. Does most of your imagery show people working? Or do your marketing materials have no people at all? Do you generally use photographs or do you lean towards graphics and illustrations? Select images fit your brand and marketing materials.
  3. Do the photos match how you want your audience to feel? Does it resonate with your customers?
    The best way to connect with clients and candidates it to connect with their emotions. Do you want people to feel excited about working with you? Do you prefer to connect with people who are serious and professional? Does your audience need to feel a sense of calm and ease? Choose imagery that elicit those feelings.


Should I use custom or stock imagery?

Custom Imagery


  • Unique to your brand
  • Ability to customize to your exact needs and preferences
  • Show your own company, product, space, employees, etc.


  • Expensive and time consuming
  • You need to hire a photographer


Stock Imagery


  • Lower cost
  • Fast and easy
  • Millions of images to choose from


  • Generic imagery
  • Anyone could license the same photo


What style should I choose?

On the Job

Photos of people working are the most straight-forward way to represent your staffing business. You can choose photos that best match your specialties and industries served. This style is best for staffing brand’s who value a professional and straight-forward approach.


People Outside Work

Photos of people outside of work are a great way to highlight your company’s culture and values. Are you family oriented? Does your culture feel like a family? What do your candidates do for fun? Your employees? These style photos bring a human element to your business. Your not just about the job, but about the experience.


Landscapes or Cityscapes

If your business is regional these are great to highlight the community and area where you work. And these style images help develop your staffing firm as the go-to for your region. When in doubt, these are great choices for your contact page.


Abstracts & Close-Ups

Abstract and close-up photos could be a great option to set your staffing firm apart by selecting a specific style that matches your company and carrying that throughout your website and marketing materials.



Illustrations are a great way to differentiate your company. Not only is the style different from most staffing websites, but there are tons of different illustration styles to choose from. Illustrations and graphics are also a great way to demonstrate the intangible side of your services.



These styles of photos don’t work for every brand. But if your brand prides yourself in being quirky or unique these images could be perfect to bring a competitive edge to your brand.


And remember imagery is not a substitute for your website content.

The best websites imagery and content work together to tell a story and elicit an emotional connection with their audience.


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