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How A New Website Helped A Startup Rise To The Top

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A startup staffing agency in Memphis, The Cadre Agency needed its first website and engaged Haley Marketing because of recommendations from other firms and because of Haley’s sole focus and expertise in the staffing industry.

The Challenge

Creating a website for a new company is essentially a blank canvas, which can be exciting. However, it is important to hit the right notes and establish the firm’s expertise despite being relatively unknown. The client’s goals for this project were to:

  • Launch a highly functioning staffing website
  • Introduce the startup business to the Memphis community
  • Have a site that reflected Memphis and was professional, without appearing stuffy
  • Celebrate local innovations, including both business and community contributions
  • Reinforce that Cadre is a locally-owned firm
  • Introduce and clearly illustrate Cadre’s unique service model

The Solution

The client had a clear vision for their business and had clear goals for their site, which helped guide the planning and design process. The city of Memphis is vibrant, and Haley Marketing’s design team chose equally vibrant local imagery and bold colors to grab attention and to send the message that Cadre is synonymous with Memphis.  The Haley Marketing designer even added some Blues music to the home page to reinforce Memphis roots while providing a “wow” for visitors.

A website’s look is only half the battle, however. Staffing websites need to function as a sales tool 24/7/365, and that means creating a positive user experience and developing a website that converts. As a brand-new staffing agency, a website is most peoples’ very first introduction to the company. The user experience can determine whether they choose to work with that staffing firm or not.

In addition to the unique design, Cadre’s website also included an SEO-optimized job board that is fully integrated with their ATS, well-placed calls-to-action to help visitors know which steps to take next, as well as SEO across the website.

The Results

Cadre’s Virtual Grand Opening was May 1st, 2020, and the firm has had success, even amid the challenges of the pandemic. The company’s technical stack is 100% operational, and the website is fully integrated.

The website has created a buzz beyond Memphis. Both clients and candidates have contacted Cadre simply because of the website. As a result, they have had multiple businesses interested in establishing partnerships, and the firm signed two national staffing accounts. Leveraging the revenue realized by placements in the first eight weeks of operations, they have eliminated all startup costs, funded 42% of their operational budget through 2021, and added staff.

In Our Client’s Words

“From my first contact with Haley, they were not just selling me a service but actively engaged in my success, providing a platform that was right for my company, sharing great insights, and creative direction. Throughout the implementation, my project team, which included Dani, Lauren, and Prudence, took my original concept, enhanced it and created a website beyond my expectations.” – Scott Marecek, Principal.

Do You Need A New Staffing Website?

If you are starting a staffing company and want to enter the market with a bang, or you are an existing staffing firm that wants to improve your website’s visibility and organic traffic, contact Haley Marketing Group to learn how a new staffing website can help you achieve your goals.


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