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Staffing Logos: 5 Design Trends for 2021

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Need to spruce up your staffing firm’s brand image? If you’re considering a logo redesign, here are 5 trends to consider.

1. Geometric

Less is more but it has to be fresh as well. With the constant barrage of imagery and visual noise, vying for your attention, simplicity wins. But it has to be smart and original. Something that will quiet the noise but still catch your eye. Geometric flat shapes are coming back to counter last year’s 3D craze, but they will need to be unique or reimagined.

Music and Arts Festival by Broklin Onjei
Gifted by Oké Design

2. Hand-drawn

With everything going digital in 2020: work, social lives, entertainment, conferences, therapy, appointments, etc. people are craving some human interaction. This applies to design as well. Drawing a logo by hand adds those imperfections that show us the people behind a brand. Hand-drawn logos are whimsical, feel one-of-a-kind, warm and approachable. Getting away from a screen to create it doesn’t hurt either.

Handdrawn Logos
Regrette Rien by Mary Meccage
Foxtail Plan Co by Prism Creative

3. Analogous subtle colors

Analogous is a fancy way of saying colors that are close to each other on the color wheel. Instead of bold and full of contrast, logos are trending towards harmonious. Also a sign of the times. We want more peace in our lives and less opposition.

Analogous Color Palette Logos
Cutlets by St Urbain
Elephants Remember by Mike Jones

4. Gradients

Gradients soften things, make them flow and add some life or breath. Again, it isn’t a wonder that we want our designs to breathe more in 2021. Add them to a simple shape to give it some depth and airiness. Just be sure that it prints well! (Oh and use more of those harmonious colors from #3.)

Gradient Logo
Cadabra by byHAUS studio

5. Artistic Typography

Besides getting back to the basics and calming our lives, we also want to have fun. Often text based logos can feel a little limiting, but add some personality and they can communicate your brand instantly. Remember to prioritize legibility while still making things your flavor.

Artistic Typography Logos
Behemoth Trucking and Hauling by Max Hofert Design
Yum Rum by Katrina Romulo

What we’re designing really reflects what we need from 2021.

  • Simplicity.
  • Humanity.
  • Harmony.
  • Breathability.
  • Authenticity.

Yes, please.

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