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PPC Remarketing – The Ultimate Brand Awareness Strategy

PPC Remarketing – The Ultimate Brand Awareness Strategy
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During last month’s episode of InSights, I had the pleasure of talking with Brad Bialy and Matt Lozar about Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising. It was a crash course on “everything PPC” and we discussed key insights into the vital role it plays for staffing agencies. 

Throughout the discussion, I continually noted how this marketing strategy could boost your brand’s awareness. At its core, PPC achieves brand awareness by targeting your desired audience and delivering a specific message. If we take a closer look, though, we see a variety of ways to achieve this goal through the campaign’s targetingIt’s all about how we reach and engage with the right audiences, and I’ll kick off this lesson with the best one of them all – Remarketing!  

What is Remarketing? 

Remarketing is a targeting strategy that allows you to reconnect with individuals that already know about your brand. Whether thesigned up to receive information from you or have visited your website before, remarketing strategy only engages with these valuable audience members. 

How Can Remarketing Help Staffing Agencies? 

When a PPC remarketing strategy is in place, your ads target audiences that have previously engaged with your brand and follow them around online. Your ad appears in front of an individual, and then your brand’s name, image, and message are visible to the same users over and over again. 

It’s a strategy that fosters continued visibility of your brand. It not only keeps your staffing agency top-of-mind, but it also builds an element of trust each time your brand is seen by the same user. Relationships built on trust are the strongest and most valuable asset you can have as a business owner. Those are the kind of relationships you want to foster as you connect with prospective candidates and clients. 

How to Activate PPC Remarketing for Staffing Agencies 

Remarketing strategies are available on many PPC channels for staffing agencies. If you’re a DIY marketer running your own PPC remarketing campaign, I offer a few quick tips to help get you started in the most popular PPC channels:  


Google offers two different setup options for remarketing website visitors – Google Ads remarketing tag and Analytics tracking code. They each offer unique targeting methods for your overall remarketing strategy; however, if you’re new to the game, I recommend starting with the Google Ads remarketing tagIt’ll be an easier setup and implementation than linking your campaign up Google Analytics data.  

Before you get started on any Google PPC remarketing, I suggest you become familiar with Google’s newest advertising policies for employers. In October 2019, Google introduced new restrictions to their targeting options in an effort to guarantee inclusivity for all job seekers. If you plan on running any Google PPC ads, including remarketing ads, ensure that your campaign targets and settings comply with Google Ads policies. 

Facebook & LinkedIn 

Unlike Google, Facebook and LinkedIn offer only one way to remarket to website visitors – you’ll need to place their pixel or code on your website. The links below can get you started and walk you through a step-by-step guide on each channel’s pixel placement. Dive into other resources in each channel to learn additional setup requirements for your new PPC remarketing campaign! 

*Protip – did you know you can upload an email list to Facebook and LinkedIn and remarket to those specific users as well??  

What Other Targeting Methods Support a Brand Awareness Goal?  

While I talked a whole lot about remarketing, there are a ton of other PPC strategies out there that can help boost your brand’s awareness. Whether you want to introduce your staffing agency to new candidates and clients, expand your reach to new geo-markets, or increase your online dominance in specific PPC channelsthere’s a PPC strategy for that! 

Be on the lookout for additional PPC-related blog posts from Team Haley, or schedule some time with our PPC experts to learn the PPC option that’s best for you!  

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