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Our Applications Have Gone Down – Now What?

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On Haley Marketing’s Client Success team, we hear this a lot! When your applications start going down, or if you’re just unhappy with your application numbers, it’s important to remember that this can happen for several reasons – things change with third party aggregators, the economy, etc. Jobs that may have done well two months ago may not do as well suddenly and you will need to make changes to get the same conversion rate. Want to improve your application rate? Here are just a few things to consider:

  1. How are your views? Are the views high for your jobs, but then few people apply? If so, what is it about your jobs that is causing them to back away after viewing the job? Are you selling the job in the description? Are you displaying salary, and is that salary high enough? If your job is a remote opportunity or remote-friendly, have you made this clear?
  2. Are you sharing your jobs to social media? Is your whole team doing so? Do you have any feeds set up to do this automatically? (Shameless plug: have you heard of NetSocial? NetSocial encourages your whole team to start sharing!)
  3. Are you paying for any job advertising? What is your cost per application? Need help allocating funds or determining the best websites for your jobs? Our Recruitment Marketing team is here to help!
  4. Are you using things like Category Mailings to re-engage talent? Do you encourage candidates to sign up for alerts through your job board?

When it comes to improving job performance and increasing your conversation rate, there are always several, ever-changing factors. If you need any additional help with recruiting, please make sure to reach out to our Recruitment Marketing team!

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