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How To Build an Effective Email Marketing Campaign (5-minute educational video)

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Just getting started with email marketing?

In this quick Snack Time video, Mackenzie Froese, Director of Content Marketing, reviews email marketing basics that generate real results, whether you’re trying to drive orders or applications.

1:  Establish Your Goals

  • What do you hope to accomplish by sending these emails?
    • Are you looking to fill job orders?
    • Are you looking to find candidates or place candidates?
  • When do you expect to see a return?  Is it within the first email or within the third month of emailing?
  • How will your email marketing help you and your company or help your audience?

These things are really what you want to think through before developing a plan for your email marketing.

2: Create Your List

Your list must be permission-based. You cannot use email marketing to sort of cold-call people’s inboxes. It must be people you already know, already have a relationship with, or who have opted into your email marketing list. The list should also be segmented. The information that you have for businesses isn’t the same information that you have for candidates. Keep those lists separate and send them things that make sense for them. And then clean your list regularly. Go through and look for typos and errors for anyone who you know has moved on from a company and take them out. The cleaner your list is, the better your results will be.

3: Clarify Content

  • What exactly are you going to be sending?
  • Where are you going to get it from? Who’s going to write it? Do you have time to do it, or do you need to bring someone from the outside in to do it?

These are all things you’re going to want to think through. Also, how will that content help you achieve those goals from step one, or how will it benefit your audience? If you want people to open and read your emails, you’re going to have to send them something that matters to them. This is a good thing to think through before you start mailing,

4: Results

Everyone’s using email marketing for a specific reason, but you need to think through how you’re going to measure the results from your program.

  • What’s a healthy click-through rate? What’s a healthy open rate?
  • Who’s going and taking the next steps: clicking on a link, getting back to your website?
  • Where do they go from there?
  • How will you determine the effectiveness of your campaign? Are you expecting to see placements made? Are you expecting to see jobs filled/ things like that?

Follow up if people are reading the emails if people are clicking on emails,

  • What’s your team going to do about that?
  •  Who’s going to give them the next steps?

Think through those things as far as the results go, and you’ll have a much better program.

 5: Offers

What’s in it for me as far as recipients go? There needs to be some offer in any email. An offer could be a specific job, a freebie like a great eBook or a video, a service like a job or a resume review, a reward of some type like a sign-on a referral bonus, or an aspirational benefit like better pay or more control over your career. Make sure that you’re offering them something that will make them want to click to make them want to open and make them recognize your name in their inbox. Lastly, develop a strong relationship with either clients or candidates when you’re mailing them.

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