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Employee Advocacy (part 1 of 3): Get More from Social Media with Team Social Sharing

Employee Advocacy (part 1 of 3): Get More from Social Media with Team Social Sharing Featured Image
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Is your staffing company getting all the value it can from social media?

The answer is probably “no.”

Sure, your company is on social media. Every staffing company is. And you probably use LinkedIn every day for recruiting or prospect research. You may use Facebook to post jobs. And Instagram for employment branding.

But are you really getting the maximum value out of social media?

In this series of posts, we’ll explore the whys and hows of getting your whole team involved in sharing content on social media.

Part 1: How can you get the maximum value out of social media?

The deck is stacked against you…but don’t take it personally.

Ten years ago, marketing on social media was easy. Create a company page. Invite people to follow you. Share content. If you were consistent with building your following and sharing good content, you’d get lots of likes, shares, and traffic to your website.

But over years, social networks changed.

Or, more accurately, they updated their algorithms. Social media exists to make money for the mega tech companies and their shareholders. And the way they make money is by getting companies to pay for advertising.

So how do they get you to advertise? By taking away your ability to reach your audience organically. Over the years, the algorithms that social networks use to determine who sees what content have been adjusted so that content from company pages is less likely to be shown and content from friends, family, and groups gets greater priority.

This year, if you share a post on Facebook from your company page, it will reach about 5.5% of your followers (source: Hootsuite blog). And that’s down 2.2% since 2019.

In other words, if you’ve worked hard to get to 1,000 followers on Facebook, that job post you just shared will only be seen by 55 people. Of those, only 3.6% will engage with the content.

And Facebook is not alone. All the major social networks prioritize content shared by individuals over content shared by brands or company pages. For example, LinkedIn has stopped showing content to anyone who is not a first-level connection.

Up Next: How can you beat the algorithms?

Our next post will explore two options on how to beat the algorithms.

Ready to learn more about team social sharing?

Watch our on-demand webinar: Team Social Sharing: What is it? How to do it right

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