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Meet The 2021 Staffing World Team: Susan Wurst

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Staffing World will be held in person this year from September 28-30, with the very appropriate theme of “Better together. Stronger ahead.”  We are so excited to get together with our colleagues in person once again and to meet many of you that we’ve only spoken to through a computer screen.  

Before we leave for Denver, we want to introduce you to the Haley Marketing team members who will be present at the conference.  

Get To Know Susan Wurst, Director Of Account Management 

If you’ve been to Staffing World before, you’ve probably run into Susan – but this will be her first year representing Haley Marketing, and we are thrilled to have her as a member of our team. As a veteran of the industry, she’s been attending Staffing World since 1997.  In fact, she’s so committed to Staffing World that one year she brought her 5-week-old son to Vegas with her (one’s never too young to see Vegas)!  

Susan is most looking forward to seeing colleagues in person again, and she expects remote work and hybrid work to be a major topic of discussion.  Since Susan is an expert when it comes to making the most of Staffing World, we asked her what advice she would give to people attending for the first time.  

Susan’s advice is, “Talk to people. Go up to them and introduce yourself. ‘How’s your business’ is a simple but effective opening line to spark good conversations. The networking opportunities are as important as the learning opportunities at Staffing World.” 

She is also looking forward to being in Denver, a place she has traveled to several times in her life. However, she doesn’t want to relive the experience of the time she was there, and Denver received 38 inches of snow and was stuck for two days.  

The hotel she was staying in did not have a contract with a plow service. The guests were left to their own devices to get their cars out, passing around two shovels and using their room trash cans to free their vehicles.  While the manager had the foresight to buy beer and wine and set up a makeshift bar in the breakfast room, Susan was going stir crazy being trapped away from work since this was before remote work was widely possible. Ever an outside-the-box thinker, Susan made a deal with the manager that she would wait tables in exchange for free beer for her and her colleague.

If you run into Susan, ask her about that trip, or the fact that she’s been to sunny, warm Jamaica over 60 times! (With no incidents, as far as we know…) 

Going to Staffing World? Meet With Susan! 

Staffing World is a great place to meet one-on-one with Susan! If you’d like to meet with her in Denver, schedule a time during the show (or any time before or after the conference, as well).  

See you at Staffing World 2021!  

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