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Meet the 2021 Staffing World Team: Ryan Maher

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Staffing World is back, and we couldn’t be happier to attend in person this year. We are looking forward to visiting Denver to meet safely with all the people we haven’t seen for so long. We want to hear how the last year or two has treated them and their plans for the coming year.  

Before we take off for Denver, we want to take a moment to introduce you to the Haley Marketing Group team members you can expect to see at the conference. 

Get To Know Ryan Maher, Senior Marketing Consultant at Haley Marketing 

Ryan has been to Staffing World many times. Speaking with people one-on-one is his favorite aspect of the event. He enjoys the sessions but won’t hesitate to back burner the learning opportunity if an attendee needs to brainstorm a solution to a difficult problem or talk about the latest innovations in marketing for staffing. 

Big events are Ryan’s favorite downtime activity, too – live music, specifically. He’s been to thousands of shows in forty-two states and seven countries.   

Ryan’s advice for people attending their very first Staffing World this year is, “Comfortable shoes are a must; you’ll thank me later!” He’s interested to hear what staffing professionals are thinking about the current talent shortages. He’s wondering whether talent will come off the sidelines in the fall or if the current shortage is the new normal. 

For attendees planning to take some time to explore what Colorado has to offer, Ryan recommends Red Rocks. “I love Denver! I’ve been there many times, for business and for music. Red Rocks is a favorite venue!” 

Going to Staffing World? Meet With Ryan! 

Staffing World is a great place to meet one-on-one with Ryan to discuss your staffing company’s marketing challenges. If you’d like to meet with him in Denver, schedule a time to chat. 

See you at Staffing World 2021! 

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