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7 Ways Digital Marketing Can Fix Your Broken Candidate Experience 

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It’s easy to get frustrated when you have plenty of jobs to fill and it seems as if job seekers should be interested, yet day after day, week after week, your job board is gathering dust and cobwebs.  

But why? 

It could be that your candidate experience is broken. How would you know? Have you ever put yourself in the shoes of an applicant to view the hiring experience through their eyes? Find out for yourself by applying for a job on your own website and answering these questions: 

  • How long did it take? 
  • Did you get stuck anywhere? 
  • Were you required to enter any of the same information twice? 
  • Can you complete it from your smartphone? 

If you’re not reviewing your process and checking your job board stats, you may not know how many people are abandoning your applications and at what point. Learn how current digital marketing best practices can help you develop your company’s reputation, draw in the right candidates, and engage with them in a meaningful way from Haley Marketing’s own Aaron Eastlack!  

7 Ways Digital Marketing Can Fix Your Broken Candidate Experience

If you are attending the National Association of Personnel Services (NAPS) Conference in Henderson, Nevada, on September 26th -28th, don’t miss Aaron Eastlack’s presentation : 

Date: Tuesday, September 282021.
Time: 8:00am – 9:15am
Location: Ballroom IV


A candidate’s experience often begins before they ever see a job application, and it continues well after they’ve been placed on assignment. Since much of the candidate journey is online, it’s essential to stay up-to-date on new technologies, continually examine your company’s digital real estate and make sure it’s optimized to pull in the right applications.

Whether it’s broken or just needs a tune-up, your candidate experience can be leveled up in 2021!

Session Takeaways:
1. Reputation Matters – Claim It and Proclaim It
2. Make the Application Process Easier
3. Master Engagement and Re-Engagement

About Aaron:
Aaron Eastlack is a Digital Marketing Manager with Haley Marketing, based out of Buffalo, NY. Since 1996, Haley Marketing has helped hundreds of staffing and search firms stand out, stay top-of-mind, and sell more! Today, it is the largest marketing firm in the world dedicated to servicing the staffing and recruiting industry. As a full-service marketing partner, they’ve expanded services into Social Media Management, Recruitment Marketing, Email Marketing, Website Design, Blogging, PPC, SEO, Print Collateral, and Online Digital Marketing.

In addition to his work at Haley Marketing, he is a certified speaker, trainer, and coach with The John Maxwell Team, working with young professionals and business teams to develop their leadership skills. https://www.naps360.org/page/Speakers

If you’re interested in attending the conference, you can register here. For more information, email Carolyn Boyer or call 844-NAPS360. 

How Can Haley Marketing Group Help Your Staffing Firm?

Haley Marketing Group is a premier provider of marketing services for the staffing industry. For 25 years, we have been helping staffing firms across the country stretch their marketing dollar. Whether your focus is on generating applications or sales leads, Haley Marketing Group can help your staffing firm stand out, stay top-of-mind and sell more.  

Our marketing services include: 

If you are interested in learning more about the ways HMG can help you get more for your marketing dollars, contact us to schedule a time to talk. 

Connect with Aaron on LinkedIn. 

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