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Recruiting Strategies (2 of 5): What can you do better?

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As businesses are growing, more job opportunities are becoming available. Recruiting can be difficult when it comes to this.

How can you strategize to help recruit? In this 5-part series, I share all the ins and outs of what you can do better.

Active Job Seekers

Your challenge: building an IRRESISTIBLE EMPLOYMENT BRAND!

  • Advertise your best jobs, best clients, highest pay rates.
  • Build your employment brand.
  • Strengthen social proof through reviews, testimonials, awards.
  • Increase visibility (online and in the real world).

Current Temporary Employees


  • Use candidate automation to increase engagement and boost redeployment.
  • Increase touchpoints to show employees you care.
  • Create compensation programs that offer incentives for completing assignments/redeployment.
  • Work with employers to extend assignments/clearly define end dates.
  • Proactively skill market to redeploy talent.

Referral Programs

Your challenge: turning employees into ADVOCATES!

Give employees (and others) better incentives to submit a referral and make it easier. Ask more often and ask everywhere, including:

  • Social media
  • Email
  • Texts

Competitors’ Temporary Workers 

Your challenge: Developing a stronger employee value proposition to WIN THEM AWAY!

Direct market to them wherever possible, using:

  • Online engagement
  • In-person advertising
  • Geofencing campaigns around their key clients and office locations

Maximize the Value of Your ATS

Your Challenge: learn all the features and benefits of your software to leave NO STONE UNTURNED!

  • Re-engage and reactivate talent in your database.
  • Verify that contact information, job skills, and availability are up to date.
  • Find ways to nurture relationships with candidates
    • Don’t just text job posts blindly
    • Personalize communication to each individual
    • Use a mix of electronic outreach (email/text), physical mail, and phone calls.
  • Ask for referrals as well when you reconnect.

Did you miss part 1?

Don’t worry! We went over the challenges of recruiting.

Up Next: Recruiting Strategies: What does your company need to do?

Our next post will focus on what companies need to do when it comes to recruiting.

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