Connected Health Care Connects Inspired People And Visionary Companies With Their New Website

Connected Health Care
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Connected Health Care has professional healthcare recruiters focused on providing medical professionals with the most fulfilling career paths, whether they’re traveling for a season or looking for a permanent place to call home. Connected has specialized expertise in a multitude of areas in medical recruitment services including: executive, nursing, laboratory, radiology, rehab therapy, respiratory therapy, surgery, and pharmacy.

Connected teamed up with Haley Marketing to create a new site that would provide a good first impression for candidates and clients, and show how Connected Health Care is multidimensional since they offer permanent and travel placements. To make the site be more focused on talent, the top of the home page shows a series of short videos that tell a story of a traveling candidate – driving to the destination, at work, then exploring after work. There is also a fly-in that has a call-to-action button guiding talent to search for jobs. Additionally, there is information for the client audience with a special section of the site dedicated to employers.

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