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Drive Your Employment Brand with Content Part 4: Building a Library of Branded Content

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Ready to learn more about how to drive your employment brand? This post will discuss all you need to know about building a library of branded content for your employment brand.

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4(a). Build a library of branded content.

Now that you’ve gathered your arsenal of resources and taken control of your reputation, it’s time to start building your employment brand content:

  • Use a variety of formats: blog posts, articles, social posts, branded images, videos, infographics, web content, copy to be added to job postings.
  • Plan content to share in a wide range of places/ways. Think through where and how you will share your content (more on that in a bit!): company website, career site, blog, YouTube, social media (profile, posts, stories), candidate newsletter, candidate journeys, email, print.
  • Create both company-level and recruiter-specific content. Depending on your company and niche, you may want to create materials that build both your company and individual recruiter brands.
  • Consider audience personas. If you staff roles across a wide range of industries, sectors, functional areas or role levels, content that resonates with one type of candidate may fall flat with another. When needed, create candidate personas that include characteristics like demographics, skills, goals, employment preferences – and create employment branding content relevant for each audience.
  • Create both evergreen and ephemeral content. While some of your content should have staying power (so you can use it again and again), balance that with time-sensitive pieces. Although they don’t have a long shelf-life, ephemeral content shows your ongoing commitment to being an employer of choice.

4(b). Examples of content to build your brand.

Need a little inspiration? Here are a few examples of how smart staffing and recruiting firms are building their employment brand with content:

10 Examples of Employment Branding Content

  1. Slide deck of your company’s mission, vision and core values – with explanations of how they positively shape your candidates’ experiences.
  2. Blog post explaining the top 10 reasons job seekers should work with your firm.
  3. How-to video that walks potential candidates through your apply process – and shows how easy it is to get a great job through your agency.
  4. Photos of happy associates and placed talent working on the job.
  5. Press release announcing Best of Staffing Talent Satisfaction win – with a quote from a standout temporary associate about why they love your staffing agency.
  6. List of the 10 best candidate testimonials you’ve received in the past year.
  7. “Meet our recruiters” short-form videos in which each recruiter introduces themselves, shares their background, and invites job seekers to connect on social.
  8. Images of your team being active in the local community (e.g., volunteerism, working for charitable causes)
  9. Case studies detailing the successes of associates and placed talent: tell their story and have them share their journey.
  10. If you use marketing automation platforms like Sense or Herefish, add texts or emails to journeys sharing recruiters’ favorite inspirational quote, core value or success tip.

Need more ideas?

Ask employees what they’d like to learn about your organization if they were job-hunting. Or, take a look at what competitors do to promote their brands and engage potential candidates.

Up Next: Using Content to Drive Your Employment Brand Part 5: Bringing Your Brand to Your Audience

In our next post of the series, we’ll talk about how to bring your brand to your audience to maximize its impact on your recruiting, retention, and more. But if you don’t want to wait, check out the full ebook here!

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