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How Great Staffing Website Design Leads to More Placements

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Each day at Haley Marketing, I create high-quality graphic designs for our clients and our own marketing. Here are a few examples of what I design for staffing companies: 

  • Websites 
  • Logos 
  • eBooks 
  • Digital Advertisements 
  • Social Media Graphics 
  • Brochures 
  • Sell Sheets & Rack Cards 
  • Custom Branded Magazines 
  • Infographics 
  • Digital Newsletters 
  • and more!! 

Why is graphic design important to your staffing company?

Graphic design is a powerful tool that can be used to improve the overall visibility, branding, and customer experience of a business. From logos and collateral to websites and advertisements, graphic design helps ensure that your services and messages are clearly identifiable, easily understood, and memorable.

In an industry like staffing, where there are so many companies with similar names (and even similar logos), you need a brand that is consistent and recognizable. Having a distinctive look and voice for your company not only helps you stand out; it makes it easier to sell and recruit.

Strong branding increases client and job seeker recognition; it gets more people to apply to your jobs; and it even increases customer loyalty! 

Did you know that graphic design is also good for morale?

People take great pride in where they work. And they want to work for an organization that not only provides great services but also looks great. The design of your logo, website, and collateral materials provides employees with a sense of ownership and pride in your brand, which in turn leads to more engagement and higher motivation. 

Does your staffing website need a redesign?

Claim your FREE staffing website review here!

In 2023, the biggest value of design is that it helps drive sales.

No matter how good your recruiters and salespeople are, you’re dependent on each individual to tell your company’s story.  

Why take chances? 

Quality graphic design can play a huge role in educating employers about your services, conveying your value proposition, illustrating your differentiation, and keeping your company top-of-mind. It also gets people to take action!

Having an attractive brand is essential to making the right first impression. Consider that most employers are going to check out your website long before they meet with your salesperson. 

And once people are on your website, you can use design to inspire them to take action. For example, a well-designed call to action button can make the difference between a prospect placing a job order…or leaving your site and moving on to a competitor.  

Use design to sell with emotion.

When it comes to selling staffing services, it’s not just about what you do, it’s about building relationships with clients and prospects. 

Design is great for relationship building because colors and images play a huge role in creating emotional connections. Consider two pictures. One is an image of an attractive building, the exterior of a staffing company. The other shows a person overjoyed at receiving her first paycheck. Which creates a stronger emotional pull? 

And did you know that it’s been proven that images of people in red shirts get more response than any other color? (But don’t make every picture on your website someone in a red shirt!) 

Your graphic design should complement your sales and recruiting efforts by incorporating images, words, and colors that emotionally resonate with your ideal clients…and inspire these people to take action!  

For example, a well-designed sales page can introduce your services, build credibility for your team, and drive people to an immediate call to action. Or you might use pictures or video to show your audience what life would look and feel like with their pain points solved by your staffing company’s services.  

Today, great design isn’t just about pretty pictures.

When most people think about graphic design, they focus on images and colors. Some may consider page layout. But today, design is about user experience. 

Whether you are designing for the web, print, or another medium, you need to think about how people will engage with your content and consume your message. In sales, people go to great lengths to learn the secrets to effective selling. Professional designers go to great lengths to consider the entirety of the user experience (I.e., the design elements, page layout, interactivity, and conversion path) to maximize the probability of getting people to the actions you want them to take. 

In staffing, great design means more employers placing job orders and more candidates applying to your job openings. 

And that’s why great design leads to more placements. 

Does your website’s design and UX drive sales?

Find out by requesting a no-cost, no-obligation staffing website performance review. We’ll provide actionable recommendations you can use to convert more site visitors to clients and qualified applicants.

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