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Wrangling Big, Hairy Challenges in Staffing: 7 “Must-Do” Ideas (2024 Staffing Sales Survey Results)

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Want to wrangle success in an unruly staffing market?

Skillfully riding a wild stallion is similar to wrangling the big, hairy challenges that staffing agencies face in the current market. Both rely on proven tactics, swift decision-making, and keen adaptability to keep up with their wild rides.

With evolving industry trends, economic shifts, and tech advances constantly impacting the staffing and recruiting landscape, wielding effective tools and strategies is crucial to success.

Our “What’s Working Now?” Staffing Sales Survey highlights key takeaways relating to sales challenges, strategies, and tools (including AI) in the staffing industry.

While there is no one “right answer” for growing a staffing company in a market like this, adapting your sales and marketing methods to connect with clients and prospects can increase your chances of connecting with decision-makers.

Here’s a wrap-up to help your firm rise to the challenge:

7 “Must-Do” Ideas for 2024

  1. Be strategic. Define your goals and understand what it will take to achieve them. Develop your positioning, prospect targeting, lead gen, and sales outreach around those goals.
  2. Match your messaging to the market. Staffing changed in 2023. Success in 2024 will depend on showing how your services solve business problems for your clients.
  3. Use marketing to improve (not replace) sales. Implement tactics like integrated direct marketing, account-based marketing, and sales automation to make your sales team more productive.
  4. Build a digital marketing system. Integrate blogging, SEO, PPC, social media, and email into a system to build your brand, generate leads, and keep your company top-of-mind.
  5. Optimize your marketing. Constantly test ideas to improve your website, advertising, email campaigns, automations, and more to increase response.
  6. Improve your sales tools. Use tools like video email and AI to make your sales activities more impactful.
  7. Train your staff. Teach your team how to talk to different kinds of staffing buyers. Discuss the issues your clients are facing and how staffing can solve them. Give them the tools and training to build personal brands and master social selling.

Empower Your Staffing Firm with Sales-Boosting Insights

“What’s Working Now?” offers more than just strategies; it equips your firm with effective tools to wrangle big, hairy challenges and emerge on top.

Ready to become an expert wrangler? Download the FREE survey today and learn proven strategies to enhance your sales performance.

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