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Make an IMPACT Idea #9: Create an Integrated Direct Marketing Process (IDM)

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Why are marketers terrible at hide-and-seek?

Because they want to get found first!

In staffing and recruiting, becoming the sought-after firm means designing ways to get on your clients’ radar – and STAY there.

How? By creating a process that integrates sales and indirect marketing.

Why IDM is Essential for Staffing and Recruiting Sales Success

Venturing into the sales sector without an IDM plan is like sailing without a compass; you’re likely to drift aimlessly, hoping to be found by new prospects. An integrated direct marketing process coordinates your sales and marketing efforts, optimizing each client interaction for maximum impact and amplifying results up to tenfold compared to relying on isolated sales efforts.

Steps to Implement an IDM Process for Your Staffing Firm

When creating your IDM process, envision it as a meticulously crafted itinerary with each stop leading to an inevitable sales destination. Here’s how to achieve that:

  1. Align Your Content and Communication. Communicate your value proposition through targeted content that resonates with your ideal client. Leverage blog posts, case studies, and nurture campaigns to prepare the ground for your sales efforts.
  2. Leverage Multiple Touchpoints. Employ multiple channels—email, social media, phone calls—to engage with prospects. This multichannel approach ensures that your message is seen, regardless of where your prospects spend their time.
  3. Consider Augmenting Digital Outreach with SEO and PPC. While IDM typically involves utilizing customer lists for targeted outreach, optimizing online content for search engines and using PPC can attract new prospects and increase awareness. However, incorporating high-quality customer lists and personalized communication is essential for a successful IDM strategy.
  4. Use Data Analytics. Measure the success of your activity! Implement tracking and analytics to refine your targeting, measure engagement, and iterate to improve performance continually.
  5. Communicate Sales and Marketing Efforts. Share insights between sales and marketing teams. This cohesion ensures that each team’s efforts complement the other, streamlining the path to client acquisition.

By embracing IDM, you transform your marketing approach into a more robust, nuanced, and effective tool to stand out amid the fierce competition in the staffing industry.

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