Marketing Technology Testimonials

We had Haley Marketing create a 13-week email campaign for us...

That targeted and talked about getting Texas back to work. That helped us get our name top-of-mind and our brand in front of people… we started to see click through rates as high as 17-22% … And we got some new business out of it!

We've been a Haley Marketing client since 2001...

Haley Marketing’s been a great partner and without them I don’t know where we’d be. We’ve been able to grow and we can compete with anybody. It’s through the work we get from our marketing help with Haley Marketing.

Tim Bleich
We've been working with Haley Marketing for almost 20 years...

It’s been incredibly easy to work with Haley Marketing they’ve done a fantastic job for us. Their customer service is top-notch, they’re so quick to get back to us and we appreciate all they do for us.

Sue Strong-Gossage
I’m able to do marketing that rivals my larger competitors.

In the time since we first began working with Haley Marketing, our company has grown from two offices in one local market to nearly a dozen offices across three states. While our revenue has grown significantly, our marketing spend has not. Through our partnership with Haley, I’m able to do marketing that rivals my larger competitors for a fraction of the budget. They have helped us build a robust brand identity, develop lead generation programs and marketing collateral that has helped our business grow while making good use of our marketing dollars.

Jenifer Lambert, VP, Sales & Marketing
TERRA Staffing Group
The results are nearly double most other sources.

Over the course of the last year we have analyzed all of our recruiting efforts to determine our most effective recruitment channels. We looked at not just total number of applications, but how many physicians we actually placed on assignment to determine our ROI. Our job board and blogging services from Haley Marketing Group have generated the highest return of all our recruitment activities. In fact, the results are nearly double most other sources.

Tim Devereux
Integrity Healthcare
You guys are amazing.

You guys are amazing. I work with many different vendors and have never experienced such a seamless process before.

Michelle Koller, Marketing Manager
With this work you have done, we are also very thankful for the Haley Marketing Team.

We would like to reiterate a very big – THANK YOU – to Rob, David, and the whole team that worked behind the scenes on our new website.

We are thrilled. All aspects are terrific. We love the content, the style, the photos, the links, the job board and the Talent Showcase.

Everyone on the Haley Marketing team made this process an excellent experience for us. The finished product looks fabulous! Haley Marketing Rocks.

As you know, we are looking to grow our business, and we see – my new phrase – the collision of our “website”, “company Facebook page”, and “company LinkedIn page” as being a huge part of our successful marketing program over the next few years, to attract new clients and candidates as well as retain both clients and candidates!

So, thank you very much for all the GREAT WORK! We hope also, that you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday. We are certainly thankful for a lot, and with this work you have done, we are also very thankful for the Haley Marketing Team.

Chris Peterson, Partner
AVAILABILITY Professional Staffing