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Job Board Import Feed Specifications

Feed Specifications v2.0

Your feed should contain all active jobs.
Your feed URL must be available via an HTTP or HTTPS GET request.
Your feed must be UTF-8 encoded.
Optionally, your URL may be password protected using basic web authentication and/or compressed as a .zip file.

Please include all fields in your feed, even if they are blank or null.
You may enclose any or all strings within CDATA tags.

All fields will be stripped of HTML tags, except for a subset of tags in the descriptionrequirements, and additionalinfo fields.
In fields allowing HTML, tags other than b,i,em,li,ol,ul,br will be removed. Inline styles will be removed.

All fields have a maximum length of 254 characters, unless otherwise noted.

Feed Process

Your feed will be polled by Haley Marketing Servers periodically and all records in the feed will be imported. Any records in the Haley Marketing job board that are not in the feed are archived. Only jobs in the feed will be displayed.

Server IPs That Will Access Your XML Feed (subject to change)

Feed Poll Schedule

Hourly on the hour.

Sample XML Feed

					<?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8'?>
<publisher>Awesome ATS</publisher> 
<lastbuilddate>2013-08-16 12:12:12</lastbuilddate> 
	<description><![CDATA[<p><strong>Do you have a gift for turning dry subjects into compelling prose? </strong><br /><br /> Can you create feature articles that busy executives can't resist? If so, we have fantastic FULL TIME and FREELANCE opportunities available.<br /><br />We are seeking an experienced writer (or writers) who can produce copy for a variety of purposes, including:<br /><br /></p><ul><li>Websites</li><li>Brochure and sales literature</li><li>Enewsletters (feature article writing)</li><li>Email</li><li>Sales letters</li></ul><p>We are seeking individuals with proven direct response copywriting skills and business writers who can produce feature articles geared to senior executives.</p>]]&gt;</description>
	<requirements><![CDATA[<ul><li>Must have 3 years of experience in field</li><li>Bachelor's degree preferred, but not required</li></ul>]]&gt;</requirements> 
	<additionalinfo><![CDATA[<p>Additional information goes here.</p>]]&gt;</additionalinfo> 

Sample JSON Feed

		"description":"job description...",
		"category":"Category Label",
		"requirements":"job requirements...",
		"additionalinfo":"additional info...",

Field Definitions

Source Header

publisher ** The company responsible for publishing the feed to Haley Marketing (who we’ll contact if there is a problem)
publisherurl ** The publisher’s url (used only internally at Haley Marketing)
lastbuilddate ** The date and time when the feed file was generated (used only internally at Haley Marketing) Format: YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS

Job Record

Required Fields

title Position Title
date * Posting Date in the format YYYY-MM-DD
referencenumber Your Internal Position Number – this must be unique
city * Position City
state * Position State
country * Position Country One of US,CA
postalcode * Position Postal Code
description Position Description – HTML allowed (see above). Maximum length 56,000 characters.
category * Position Category (e.g. Administration., Sales, Clerical…)


Optional Fields

company ** ATS Client Identifier used only when the feed contains positions from multiple staffing firms
url URL to use to process applications for this position, bypassing standard Haley Marketing processes. Maximum length 56,000 characters.
jobtype * Position Type (e.g. Part Time, Temporary, Permanent…)
salary Free form text representing salary or wage (e.g. $20/HR, $30,000/YR…)
requirements ** Position Requirements – HTML allowed (see above). Maximum length 56,000 characters.
additionalinfo ** Additional Info about the position, hiring firm, or staffing company – HTML allowed (see above). Maximum length 56,000 characters.
customfilter1 ** Values to be used in custom filters on the Haley Marketing Job Board
customfilter2 ** Values to be used in custom filters on the Haley Marketing Job Board
customfilter3 ** Values to be used in custom filters on the Haley Marketing Job Board
repfirstname ** Position Contact First Name
replastname ** Position Contact Last Name
repemail ** Position Contact Email, used to direct applications within the standard Haley Marketing application process
sponsoron List of 3rd Party Distribution Feeds in which to mark this position as sponsored. Currently only CareerJet, Indeed, SimplyHired and Adzuna are supported. This field expects a comma delimited list of the networks to mark as sponsored: careerjet,indeed,simplyhired,adzuna
featured ** If set, this indicates that this job should be marked as featured and used in featured mailings as set up in MyHaley

* this field is used for search filtering
** this field is not passed to 3rd Party Distribution Feeds (Indeed, SimplyHired, ect)