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About Job Advertising Services

Are you spending too much on job boards?

With our recruitment analytics, we can show you where your money is really going. We can identify underperforming jobs…hit the “stop button” on spend when you have enough applicants…and allocate more of your budget to the jobs that need it most.

Are you getting enough people applying to your job openings?

Do you know the best time and place to advertise your job openings? There are no one-size fits all answers, and with our programmatic advertising tools, we can help you put your jobs on the right job sites, at the right time.

With Haley Marketing’s Job Advertising services, we optimize your recruitment advertising spend.

Through our partnerships with traffic wholesalers and access to best-in-class programmatic recruitment marketing software platforms, we can help you generate 30% or more response from your job advertising.

Job Advertising Services

Recruitment Analytics

Two FREE solutions for monitoring the performance of your job advertising.

Are you using Haley Marketing’s Job Board Software? Our ROI Dashboards are built right in.

Using another platform? We’ve partnered with Recruitics to bring their analytics platform to you at no cost.

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Sponsored Job Partners

Looking for less expensive ways to get job seekers to your jobs?

Haley Marketing has partnered with, Neuvoo and other services to provide job posting at wholesale prices.

Try out our job partners to see if they can lower your cost per applicant…or source candidates you’re not currently getting.

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Programmatic Advertising

Wonder which job boards perform best?

Stop guessing! Using programmatic advertising, we can analyze your jobs to determine where to advertise and how much to spend.

Programmatic takes the guess work out of job advertising and let you put a stop button on your spending.

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I have been very pleased and impressed with Haley Marketing. We needed a new web design and they answered all our questions and began working on the design immediately. Working with Brian and Heather made the process enjoyable. It was a very simple and seamless process and I look forward to working together on many

Ashley Sliger, ETCON Employment Solutions

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