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Spending too much time managing your job ad spend? 

Let Haley Marketing be your Agency of Record! Our team will manage your job advertising budget to increase its efficiency. We’ll make sure you’re spending the right amounts on the right job boards while collecting data in a centralized dashboard to improve your advertising decisions 

Getting too few (or too many) people applying to your jobs…at the cost you want? 

When you advertise on job boards, some jobs get lots of applies. Others get none. With our programmatic advertising software, we can get more applies on more of your jobs — and keep you from overspending. Our software analyzes real-time job candidate data to automatically adjust your budget to meet your recruiting needs. .

With Haley Marketing’s Job Advertising services, we optimize your recruitment advertising spend! 

We have the software, training and experience — plus relationships with every major job board (and lots you’ve never heard of!) to maximize the return on your job advertising budget. Let our team create the best job advertising strategy for your staffing agency by leveraging our programmatic technology and experience.

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Job Advertising Services

Recruitment Analytics

Are you using Haley Marketing’s Job Board Software? 

Our ROI dashboards are built right in to show which jobs are getting applications, which jobs are converting, and which jobs need changes to drive more candidates. 

They are easy to interpret and provide the real-time data your team needs.

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Programmatic Advertising

Wonder which job boards perform best to meet your business goals? 

Stop guessing! Using programmatic advertising, we can analyze your jobs to determine where to advertise and how much to spend. 

Programmatic takes the guesswork out of job advertising and makes data-driven decisions based on real-time data from your candidates. 

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Examples From Our Clients

Shifting budget to the more efficient Job Board led to 467 more applications!  

Allocating sponsorship budget from easy-to-fill jobs to hard-to-fill jobs drove 85 more applications (a 22% increase) in the first month!

Automatically implementing job title variations tripled healthcare applications! 

Case Studies

I have been very pleased and impressed with Haley Marketing. We needed a new web design and they answered all our questions and began working on the design immediately. Working with Brian and Heather made the process enjoyable. It was a very simple and seamless process and I look forward to working together on many

Ashley Sliger, ETCON Employment Solutions

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