Sense & Herefish

Automation Optimization Services

Struggling with a lack of resources?

Looking to ramp up and optimize your automation? Need fresh content.. or fresh engagement ideas... custom tailored to your business?

Introducing Sense & Herefish automation optimization services.

Sense & Herefish are a lot like supercars for creating world-class client and candidate experiences. To make them run at their best, you need the right fuel... and the right crew.

Let us put your automations into high gear.

We’ll look under the hood of your automations, audit what is currently in market and provide recommendations for improvement.

We will work together to identify goals for your automation campaigns to establish ROI metrics, including your next round of automations.

We’ll ensure your current automations are performing as planned, and establish, build, and launch your next round of automation.

We’ll investigate other areas of your business to see where we can drive efficiencies and new business – database updates and sales automations.

Why Haley Marketing?

We're marketing automation and candidate/client engagement specialists. Our combination of content and Sense/Herefish automation expertise can offer you:
  • Top-performing automation blueprints.
  • Ongoing Sense & Herefish platform management.
  • Marketing automation expertise for better utilization. 
  • Content library for customization.
Automating Job Advertising (with Programmatic) Increases Accounting & Finance Applications by 83%!
A smart job advertising strategy that automatically distributed jobs to multiple job boards led to a massive increase in job applications for this specialized staffing firm.
Smart Marketing and a Better Career Portal Increases the Number of Drivers on Assignment by 78%!
A better job board, programmatic job advertising, blogging, and social sharing helped this commercial driver staffing firm significantly increase its driver headcount in just six months.
Getting With the Program(matic)
Programmatic Increases Qualified Applications and Eliminates Wasted Job Board Spend

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