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James Moul


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James Moul

James’ first crack at writing came when he was a young boy and wrote stories about aliens and monster-hunters. He studied professional and creative writing at college in Pennsylvania before becoming a freelance writer. Now, he’s been a content writer and copywriter for almost a decade and couldn’t be happier to put his talents to good use in the staffing industry as a part of the Haley Marketing team. When he’s not working, James enjoys spending time with his wife and pets, fostering the occasional dog, trying out new restaurants and breweries, playing the drums, reading good books, and watching great documentaries. 

The Road - Cormac McCarthy - changed the way I thought about novels/stories

Read, write, play the drums, cook, hang out with my dogs.

I would love to go to Damascus/Aleppo in Syria (not sure if that's going to happen)