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I wanted to pass along some praise for one of your team members, Rob Eisman…LOVE HIM!!!

I have had the privilege of working with Rob on two of our company’s sites, BG Staffing, Inc. and the newest one InStaff. I am by no means remotely IT-ish and he has helped navigate me through areas when I didn’t even know how to ask the right questions. He was able to figure out my descriptions of “you know the little spinny thingy” or trying to discuss something where I was pointing to my computer and hoping telepathically he would know what I was pointing to (thank goodness he introduced me to join.me). He was organized and followed through quickly and kept me on track when I would go MIA.

I loved the fact that if I had an idea he wouldn’t just say great and do it, if it was a bad idea, he told me, which is EXACTLY what he should do. So many times in business, people adopt the “customer’s always right” mentality…no we’re not…sometimes we don’t have a clue!!! On the flip side, if by chance it was a good idea, we went with it.

I loved every joyful, helpful and productive call I had with Rob. He is a true asset to your organization. We have three more sites that need to be worked on, I look forward to working with him again in the near future.