The original Haley Marketing logo. (This is before we hired designers...and you can tell!)

Created the first "out of the box" relationship marketing campaign available to the staffing industry.


Launched HaleyMail, the first email marketing application designed specifically for staffing firms.


Created HaleyMail PLUS, the staffing industry’s first integrated marketing campaign that combined direct mail, email and a complete sales follow-up process into a single package.

Launched The Idea Club, the staffing industry’s first FREE e-newsletter offering practical advice on sales and marketing issues.


Partnered in the development of Staffing Recovery - a workshop that participants described as "the best industry-specific training they have ever attended."


Our first major logo upgrade…and then finally some professional design! This logo reflected our focus on "nurture marketing" delivered by mail and email. And we loved that it looked a little like a comet (no we're not named after the comet, but we still liked the resemblance!)

Reinvented the process of web design to allow smaller companies to acquire more advanced design and features for less cost.

Created the Staffing Resource Center - an online library of staffing and HR content that can be plugged into any staffing or search firm’s website.


Created The IdeaExchange - an online community for sharing sales, marketing and recruiting best practices.

Created InstantMail - monthly e-cards to help our HaleyMail clients nurture client and prospect relationships.


Developed Door Openers postcard marketing programs to provide staffing firms with a very low cost way to boost sales productivity.

Built plug-in Job Board software that gives any company an easy way to post and manage jobs on their website.


Created the Candidate Resource Center - an online library of job hunting and career management advice that can be added to any staffing firm’s website.


Reinvented Door Openers into a 13-week blitz marketing system, and our "Get What You Want" campaign wins best of show at Staffing World.


Our biggest makeover. A new design to reflect our vastly expanded mix of services. The core logo features icons for website design, campaigns, email newsletters and corporate identity. Since then, we've added icons for Consulting, Search Engine Marketing, Blogging & Social media and Reputation Management…you'll find them all on the home page of this site!

Initiated Lunch with Haley educational webinars to teach marketing best practices to the staffing industry.


Created a Social Media Recruiting Package enhancement to our Job Board product to automatically post jobs to job aggregators, Facebook and Twitter while optimizing individual job posts for search engines.


Introduced blog writing services. Became the first company to outsource blog writing for recruiting and staffing firms.


Launched social content sharing services to help staffing firms maximize the potential of social media...with minimum distruption to their sales team.


Created Value Sites - a revolutionary approach to website design, designed to make a full functioned website affordable to start-ups, recruiters and small staffing firms.


Re-engineered our Starter Sites to provide fully responsive websites for 30% less.


Incorporated Goal Tracking into online marketing efforts to enable our clients to better measure their marketing ROI.

Added Visual Content to our social sharing services to drive more response from social media sites.


Created Social Pro services -- a fully outsourced solution to social marketing offering custom strategies, attention grabbing images, bold calls to action and daily sharing.

Introduced HaleyMail Concierge Services to help our clients get more response--and generate more sales leads--from their email and content marketing.


Launched Re-Recruiting & Social Recruiting – an innovative way to re-engage talent and attract more job candidates from Facebook, Instagram and Google.