Blogging for Placements

    How Your Staffing Firm Can Drive Sales and Fill More Job Orders with a Blog

    • Blogging and SEO
    • The anatomy of a blog post
    • Blogging and social media
    • Optimizing your blog posts

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    Marketing Best Practices Guide

    49 pages. Hundreds of ideas!

    Let us show you! Here's what you'll find in this guide:

    • The biggest mistake staffing companies make
    • Marketing strategy essentials
    • Relationship marketing how-tos
    • Maximizing the value of existing clients
    • 28 low-cost marketing ideas
    • Guide to irresistible offers

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    Creating a Killer Staffing Website

    42 pages. Mind blowing design and content ideas!

    Want to get more clients and candidates to your website?

    Let us show you! Here's what you'll find in this guide:

    • Is your staffing website a killer?
    • Seven goals for killer staffing websites
    • How to know if your website sucks
    • Ready to redesign your killer staffing website?
    • Understanding techie talk
    • Marketing your killer website

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    Break through the Clutter.
    A guide to email marketing success for the staffing industry.

    54 pages. Everything you want to know about using email to sell and recruit!

    Looking for the best ways to use email marketing?

    Let us show you! Here's what you'll find in this guide:

    • So what are staffing firms doing with email marketing?
    • Making email work
    • Landing pages
    • Be social - how social media supercharges email marketing
    • Tracking results
    • Testing...Testing...1-2-3
    • Getting started with email marketing
    • Myths, Legends and FAQ

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    SEO 101 GUIDE

    Staffing Website Optimization 101

    17 pages. A quick read guide to dominating the search engines!

    Want your staffing website to rank higher on Google?

    Let us show you! Here's what you'll find in this guide:

    • What is SEO?
    • Understanding keywords
    • On page optimization & creating meta data
    • The right and wrong way to develop content
    • Implementing SEO
    • Google Analytics
    • What else should I be doing?

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    Social Media: A Game Plan for Staffing and Recruiting Firms

    50 pages. The comprehensive to social media for staffing.

    • Why you should care about social media
    • Specific, easy-to-implement tactics
    • Sharing on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and ALL the other networks you need to watch

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