Why do you focus on marketing for staffing firms?

    We're gluttons for punishment??? Seriously, a lot of people wonder why a marketing firm would focus on an industry that doesn't do a lot of marketing. But staffing is what we know. And we know staffing firms can benefit immensely from integrating marketing into their sales and recruiting efforts. Besides, we love the people in this industry!

    What do you have against cold calling?

    Nothing. We think calling is an essential part of marketing. But we hate inefficiency, and what's more inefficient than cold calling?  Staffing sales reps can be so much more productive when they have great marketing support.

    Does marketing really work in staffing?

    Well, how do you think we're going to answer this??? Of course it works...check out our results if you need proof. With the right marketing approach, staffing firms can double or even triple the productivity of their sales reps, dramatically cut the cost of recruiting, and most importantly create more opportunities to sell staffing services.

    How do you make marketing more affordable?

    For start-ups and smaller staffing companies, we offer innovative approaches to website design, direct mail and email marketing that let you market like a big national firm when you don't have a big budget.

    For regional and national staffing and recruiting firms, we offer strategic consulting and highly-tailored marketing support to maximize the effectiveness of your sales and recruiting efforts. Our experience and the depth of our team allows us to deliver incredible value.

    Who's your favorite client?

    Oh, like we could choose a favorite. Now, if you want to ask about our least favorite client...

    What's the secret to marketing success?

    One secret??  You're kidding. No such thing as one secret. So here are a few of our favorite tips.

    • Don't be one dimensional. Market through multiple channels to get the best results.
    • Be persistent. A steady stream of high-value communication will keep you top-of-mind.
    • You don't have to be different. Differentiation is a good thing, but for some staffing firms it's not possible. Instead try to be more familiar. Build trust by being more supportive and more visible than the competition.
    • Don't be afraid to spend a little money. It does not take a huge budget to be successful in marketing, but you can't be too cheap either. Budget at least 1/2% of sales on marketing.



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