Staffing Sales Presentation e-Brochure 

SourceAbility was given the opporunity to compete for a large contract with a Fortune 50 organization.  Part of the RFP included a corporate overview and sales colateral.  SourceAbility needed this material developed and submitted within 48 hours.  Haley Marketing wrote copy and designed a highly professional e-Brochure for SourceAbility in time to submit their RFP.   

“This looks great.  THANK YOU AND YOUR TEAM SO MUCH!  When I contacted you I wasn’t even sure if you would be able to put together anything for my presentation in less than a day. But then you turned around and developed an entire 8 page brochure that looks terrific.  I can’t thank you enough.”

Tanya Calkins, CPC
SourceAbility, Inc.

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