Lately you can’t turn on any newscast without at least a mention of Twitter (both good, and bad). The reality is that the growth of “Tweeters” has been exponential–and so has the growth of Twitter job postings.

A recent post at AskBINC (a blog dedicated to the software industry) highlighted 15 top Twitter applications to help notify active job seekers of positions that match their interests.

For Staffing Firms and Recruiters, 5 of these applications offer a great way to find out who is hiring right now:

Twitter JobCast
A local job search that allows you to see who is hiring on Twitter by browsing for jobs by city, state or zip code.

An open source search engine for jobs posted on Twitter, TwitterJobSearch has posted 44,165 new jobs in the last 7 days.  Many of the jobs listed are tech related, but through the search feature you can look for listings by city or keyword.

This is the equivalent of Google Alerts for Twitter”.  You signup for an account, confirm your email and set up alerts to be delivered to your email.  You can create an alert for specific types of positions, and be notified through email when someone posts that position (you can even chose to be notified every hour of new job posts).

Offers Twitter Channels for major cities and job types, and an easy-to-use interface to subscribe to those channels. Once subscribed, you will get instant notification of any new jobs as a text message on your cell phone.

Allows you to search job openings by keyword.  Using boolean searches you can drill down to find specific job openings in your market or niche.

0 thoughts on “5 Twitter Applications to Find Out Who Is Hiring

  1. Brad,

    Thanks for passing along the info and filtering through all the twitter job board options out there. One interesting thing to do is setup an RSS feed on twitter for certain key words:
    1. Do an advanced search on Twitter:
    2. Top right-corner of seach results, click on “Feed for this query”
    3. Towards the top of the XML page, click “Subscribe to this feed.”
    You can have all the twitter postings that match you search criteria update a dedicated RSS feed in Outlook.
    Keep up the informative posts,

    Everett Reiss
    The Staffing Cooperative

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