Yesterday I attended a webinar about SEO and website re-designs. As a programmer/designer at Haley Marketing, I thought that this was important webinar to attend to make sure our SEO practices at Haley are in check with the rest of the SEO world. I was pleased to find out they are, and I was also happy to learn a few new tips/tricks about SEO.

Here are some important points I took away from the presentation:

  1. Make sure you use redirects from your old site to your new site. 301 redirects are the most search engine friendly way to go.
  2. If you are using a CMS, make sure you choose one that lets you customize keywords, urls, meta content, and page titles on a per-page basis.
  3. Avoid overusing javascript and flash, especially in the navigation.
  4. Actively manage your rankings. SEO isn’t a one time thing. Check your site often and make updates to your SEO strategy monthly.

To learn more about SEO, and our SEO services at Haley Marketing, please click here.

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