Problems for Twitter? What’s a staffing firm to do?

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Just surfing social media sites, and I came across an interesting article on the problems  Twitter is having in creating a sustainable  business model.  The good news? Their CEO recognized the problem and is working on ideas to capitalize on this powerful microblogging tool.

Check out: The Case Against Twitter

And as a counter balance to that article, here’s another article with 62 ideas for using Twitter as a marketing and personal branding tool:

62 Twitter Marketing Tips and Ideas

So how can your staffing firm use Twitter?
Here are 10 ideas:

  • Tweet jobs to candidates who want up to the minute info
  • Follow thought leaders in the recruiting profession
    (you can learn a lot from the ideas and tools they share)
  • Follow thought leaders in the industries you serve
    (stay up to date with your clients–and one step ahead of competitors)
  • Solicit feedback from your candidates
  • Use TweetDeck to watch for information posted on your firm,
    your clients or about new jobs for the types of people you place.
  • Promote content on your website
  • Hold special referral contents only via Twitter
  • Follow as many local HR people as you can – build personal
    relationships and learn about their challenges
  • Use hashtags to create local groups or track local job opportunities.
  • Cultivate relationships with candidates who are active on social media.
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