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Protestors in Boston, organized by the local hotel workers’ union, chanted “Hyatt, shame on you’’ as they marched in front of the hotel with picket signs, banged on drums, and rattled detergent bottles filled with rocks.  Politicians called for businesses to boycott the Hyatt hotels. 


A decision to use a staffing company to cut costs.

Hyatt Hotels Corp. has outsourced the housekeeping staff at three hotels with workers from a Georgia-based hospitality staffing firm. 

Hyatt is now suffering a backlash of public criticism because it made a business decision to cut expenses.  Apparently the move to outsource housekeepers, generally the largest part of a hotel’s payroll, is an unusual one in the hotel industry. 

Even the mayor of Boston, is in on the criticism, stating “The Hyatt made a crude business decision that will have devastating effects on real people who work hard everyday.’’  Maybe he meant to say “shrewd decision”? A shrewd businesses decision that allows Hyatt to continue to provide the same level of service to its customers at a reduced cost.  A shrewd decision that restructures a cost center so that it can work more efficiently and maintain the viability of the company.

“It’s the height of arrogance and corporate greed.’’ said one state Senator. “Corporate greed”?  In this economic climate all businesses have to make tough decisions to find ways to control costs and retain profitability. Perhaps the politicians would be happier if those hotels closed and all of the employees were laid off?  Hyatt employs approximately 600 employees in Massachusetts.

As part of the staffing industry we have to protect the reputation of the industry as well as those companies who strategically use staffing services.  Using temporary employees does not kill jobs, it saves them. It keeps companies more competitive and ensures employment for millions of people each day.  Do your part and help support Hyatt and their decision to use staffing.

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