HMG Job Board Success

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Haley Marketing is hiring again. This time we have a need for a Project Coordinator.

Using our HMG Job Board, we posted the position to our website. The HMG Job Board seamlessly integrates with our website and facilitates the distribution of job posts throughout the web.

Our Project Coordinator position has now been fed to Simply Hired, Indeed, Google Base, etc. without any manual work. Interested job seekers who see the post are directed back to our website where the HMG Job Board allows them to apply online for the position. They can also save searches, and sign up for emails alerting them of new positions as they are posted.

The HMG Job Board also integrates with most ATS systems like Bullhorn, eEmpACT, COATS, ABD Ultra-Staff, etc. The integration allows for automatic posting of jobs from the ATS and pushing applications back into the ATS.

Using the HMG Job Board has streamlined our hiring process and it can help you fill orders with highly qualified candidates faster. Take a look and contact us if you need to add a feature-rich job board to your website.

Gotta run, our next interview for the Project Coordinator position is in 15 minutes….

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