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Finding the right design for you

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When dealing with website designs it’s always helpful to have some reference material for me to begin with so I can maximize my design time and make sure I’m within the scope of the client’s desires. A helpful process for staffing clients looking to redo or begin a website design would be to do a little research first.

Who are your competitors and what do their websites look like? It’s important to know who is successful and possibly why but also to establish a level for one self to surpass. It’s also helpful to write down any features that you come across which you may desire on your website. A discussion with your web design agency advisor can help assess what features make sense and which ones don’t.

Make sure to look at other company websites outside of the staffing industry who are successful as well. This can lead to more innovative thinking and a breathe of fresh air to how material can be presented to your audience. Supply your creative agency with any marketing materials you have been using over the past 6 months. This will assist in continuity of some of the design elements.

Copy and paste into a word document or write down the web addresses of the sample sites which you have researched and include them with any additional notes. This helps me out a lot in my follow-up research process. I have a list of other “questions” to keep in mind when beginning the process of auditing your website.

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