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When Cheap Email Marketing Goes Bad…

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In my days working in marketing I’ve seen some pretty bad emails come through my inbox but this one might be the worst.  It comes from a local restaurant/wine bar.  Now before I rip apart their marketing, let me say that the food and wine selection is very good!

Clearly they have used a low cost, DIY email marketing service.  And clearly they forgot to do any QC to the email before hitting the send button…


Oops!  They forgot to change the stock photo on the right hand side and also forgot to delete the phrase “Body Content” from the text area.  As a restaurant, why not have some direct links to their menus, or new wines in stock?  Also, you can’t see it here but the subject line was simply “Artists”.  Not really a strong statement to get me to open the email.  Luckily they did use the name of the restaurant as the sender which got me to open it.

We often hear from prospects, “well I can do this myself for much cheaper”.  What they don’t realize is that at Haley Marketing it’s our job to develop compelling content, vibrant email designs, and of course all of our emails go through a full QC process. 

Obviously, this restaurant got what they paid for!

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